Connecting People,
Connecting Cultures

Welcome to Molano Multicultural Communication.

We want the opportunity to help your organization become more culturally and linguistically competent in its relationship with Latino employees, clients and community.

If you find that you have challenges in communicating company policies, procedures, counseling documents; if you are planning to expand your market or you already have a business opportunity; or there is a problem and you are experiencing cultural, language and communication barriers, let us help. Our experience, professional assessments, recommendations and services can take your organization to the next level.

At no cost, we offer to meet with you to discuss your needs and concerns in this crucial aspect of your business. Our approach is friendly, interactive and sincere.

Our clients are our most important asset. We recognize that they are often wrestling with costly issues of miscommunication and sometimes legal exposure. Communication in our increasingly multi-lingual world is not always easy! We bring you over fifteen years of experience in working with clients to bridge communication gaps and enrich the opportunities for people with different backgrounds to work together, grow together and succeed in a competitive market.

Yours truly,

MarĂ­a Susana (Susy) Molano


Connecting people, connecting cultures